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The best seller of mineral water in Malaysia, Spritzer is a well-known brand which is proudly a Malaysian brand. Hit off the local market since 1989 by launching the Spritzer Natural Mineral Water as its very first product. Spritzer objective is to extract only the pure and clean natural water from the underground, loaded with natural minerals and free from pollutants. Spritzer chose its water source located in Taiping, Perak which is well-known as a clean area in Malaysia. Over the years, Spritzer continuously to innovates its products and now has come out with variants such as natural mineral water, sparkling natural mineral water, distilled drinking water, carbonated fruit flavoured drink, non-carbonated fruit flavoured drink, functional drinks, etc. Also has been recognized with Aqua Awards by the International Bottled Water Association, Spritzer is amongst the Malaysian brand which has an equal rank as the international brands.

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