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One of the most leading brand in producing antibacterial soap, the Lever Brothers had founded a soap factory of Lifebuoy which took place in England back in 1894. Lifebuoy started to create the first soap which employed the utilization of carbolic acid, resulted in a strong medicinal scented soap in red colour. Thanks to the idea of selecting carbolic acid as the soap's key ingredient for disinfecting purposes, this very first product of Lifebuoy had been recognized as a breakthrough in the early phase of the 1900s. Ever since then, Lifebuoy began to invent more products which now comes in many variants of cleansing features yet still maintaining the main purpose of anti-bacterial or disinfecting. Lifebuoy has long aimed to achieve a mission to promotes hygienic habits by using its range products of bar soap, body wash, hand wash, etc in order to prevent from getting caught by the undesirable germs. With advanced and updated anti-bacterial technology, Lifebuoy provides protection to the body against 10 disease cause germs.