The Worry-Free Dishwashing Liquid Range

Sunlight For Spotless Dishes And Softer Hands

Hand washing your dishes, cutlery and cookware is necessary when it comes to cleaning stubborn oil, grease and grime but are your hands safe from your choice of dishwashing liquid? Without realising it, cleaning products with harsh detergents that come in contact with your hands repeatedly can remove natural oils that moisturise and protect your skin. With plenty of dishwashing liquid, concentrated dishwashing liquid and dishwashing detergent brands available in the market– selecting the right one does wonders to your precious hands and happiness in the kitchen.

It’s time to shine your kitchen with the right clean your family deserves. The Sunlight® range of dishwashing liquids provide effective degreasing power yet remaining gentle and soothing on your skin for greater peace of mind.They are specially formulated to keep your kitchenwares residue-free from stubborn oil, grease and grime after every use. Dishwashing and concentrated dishwashing liquids by Sunlight® are also made with real natural extracts and removes strong and unpleasant odours from your dishes, cutlery and cookware.

Make your dishwashing experience a faster, easier and safer one at home with Sunlight®.Don’t miss out on enjoying exclusive discount savings when you shop online now at Walau for the trusted range of Sunlight® dishwashing and other concentrated dishwashing liquid products.