Air Freshener

Types of Air Freshener Products in Malaysia

Air fresheners give significant contribution to mostly indoor spaces to eliminate bad odour circulating in the atmosphere. Nobody wants to breathe in unpleasant scent, be it at your home, office or even in the car. It is important to find a suitable air freshener depending on where you wish to use it. There are various types of air fresheners you can find here in Malaysia and each type typically serves its own function.

The usual air freshener for home you could find at the market is the spray type. Air freshener spray releases out a scented mist of liquid in the air. It is commonly used in large spaces like living room, bedroom and bathroom to emit unwanted smell. As for air freshener for car, attachable or hangable air freshener is another type to let the scents travel out via the air waves. There are also gel type, potpourri and scented candles available to freshen up and enliven the space with good fragrances.

The Essential of Air Freshener

A fragranced home space leads to a happy environment. Scent plays an important role in transmitting signals to our brain, so unpleasant odours can give negative vibes to human's impression about the surroundings. This is crucial when we're inviting guests in, we wouldn't want them to be distracted by musty smell would we? Start finding the perfect fragrance to be used at your space and choose your favourite scent which some of the choices include lemon, lavender, breezy, rose and fresh scent..

Freshen Up your Home with Air Freshener

It's time to get rid of uninvited smell by installing air freshener for office, home or any suitable places. It is not only limited to room areas, now shoe racks, closet and cabinet also have their own designed air fresheners. It’s never too late to find your perfect kind of air freshener, here at Walau Malaysia, you will be offered with multiple choices of air freshener Malaysia. Make everyone feel delighted by fresh and wonderful smell by buying air freshener.