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Our hair is unique and that means we need unique solutions to keeping them strong and clean. Head & Shoulders is a product of Procter & Gamble (P&G). In 1949, John Parran Jr, a chemical engineer and bacteriologist from the University of Tennessee, joined P&G. His task was simple – free the world from dandruff. Back then the solutions to remove dandruff, like coal-tar and egg-oil, were unpleasant and even if they worked, they would damage your hair. Dr Parran wanted to create an effective solution to the problem of dandruff that didn’t harm your hair and was a lot more pleasant to use. Head & Shoulders products then are specially formulated to fight the symptoms and cause of dandruff, for all hair types. Head & Shoulders dandruff fighting solutions include shampoos and conditioners as well as co-washes and hair treatments which give your hair an extra boost.