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Snack & Cookies

So much fun you could have during your relaxing moment while enjoying some snacks and cookies. These snack foods are best to be served during tea time snacks, or during a big party, or even on those lazy days where you prefer to relax on the sofa while watching your all-time favourite series. Most of the snack foods packaging is designed to be portable and quick, therefore they always become the preferable selection during travel and vacation. Such a convenient choice as they can be eaten right away with no requirement of any preparation.

Most snacks in Malaysia can be found in various kinds such as potato chips, biscuits, cookies, crackers, etc. Offering assorted flavours from spicy, cheesy, creamy, salty, sour to sweet, chocolatey, etc. Apart from these typical types of snacks, several brands in the Malaysia snack food industry also had introduced a range of healthy snack foods. This idea was inspired by the consumer demands as nowadays the healthy lifestyle has been increasingly practised by the community. Therefore, several kinds of snacks food also derived from healthy ingredients such as gluten-free oats, whole grain, wheat, nuts, yoghurt, granola, etc. And how cool is that when you can get these varieties on Walau site.

Walau Malaysia offers a wide range of snacks and cookies selection, and not to forget the healthy snacks Malaysia as well. Featuring a line of popular brands such as Munchy's, Nabisco, Double Decker, Mister Potato. A few snack brands from certain foreign countries are also available, as we want our consumer to taste some different options once in a while too.