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Nong Hyup Roasted Green Tea Laver Seaweed 12G

Nong Hyup Roasted Green Tea Laver Seaweed 12G

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NH Roasted Seaweed Laver can be used to make Kimbab or Sushi. This seaweed offers salty and flavourful taste for everyone to enjoy. You can now enjoy the crunchy texture it offers by purchasing a pack of NH Roasted Seaweed Laver 10'S with us at Walau today!

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  • A product of Korea
  • Often used for Kimbab and Sushi dishes
  • Salty and flavourful
  • Crunchy thin layer
  • 10'S
  • SKU: 8801448603318


  • West Malaysia :
    RM 7 Nett for purchases below RM 70.00, Free Delivery above RM 70.00
  • East Malaysia :
    RM 12.00 for the 1st kg + RM 7.00 for every additional kg
  • COD :
    Currently available within Bangsar south (postcode 59200)
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