Honey, Jam & Spreads



We’d like to think your groceries list would not be complete without honey, jam or spreads. They are so good in enriching your taste buds. Love honey? It’s so versatile you can add it to almost anything and it enhances the flavour dramatically. Jam and spreads on the other hand are as versatile, whether you like them with toasts, crackers or scones. It’s hard to pick a flavour when there are so many different flavours to choose from. Spoilt for choice? Get them all so you can alternate them as you like. Not going to deny but everyone likes a bit of variety.

If there’s one thing that’s tasty yet nutritious, it’s honey. The benefits are numerous so you can be sure it’s a guilt-free treat. At Walau, you can get jam and spreads from Lady’s Choice or Planta. Both are not foreign to you, that’s for sure. Fruity jam, peanut butter and margarine can be purchased easily from our store. Now, are you a peanut butter chunky or smooth kind of person? We don’t judge!

Plain ol’ toasts are boring but if that’s your jam, we don’t judge either. Priced competitively, get your savings when you shop with us. Let us do the job getting it packed and sent to you. Browse our wonderful selection of honey, jam or spreads to keep your tummy happytoday.