Flavoured Drinks

Flavoured Drink in Malaysia

As we are living in a tropical climate in Malaysia that can sometimes be too hot and humid, Walau Malaysia is offering wide range of flavoured drink selections to be enjoyed by the consumers during their relaxing moment especially on super-hot days. A bottle of cold coffee, sparkling water or soft drinks would definitely keep your day productive and make you feel way more energetic!

At Walau, there are many flavours of Malaysian soft drinks available for the consumers to choose from. Must drink in Malaysia beverage’s selections ranging from the Nescafe® Caffe Mocha flavoured drink to Nescafe®Caramel cup and many others are provided here. Sparkling waters are also among the most demanded flavoured drinks by our customers especially when the heat rises drastically during hot seasons in the country. Some people just enjoy the drink of their choice as a way to explore unique flavours offered by well-known beverage companies from Malaysia and beyond.

Different Types Of Malaysia Flavoured Drinks

We also sellSunity® Herbal Jelly that come with different types of flavours and owned amazing taste and health benefits, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Originated from China, these jellies not only giving the cooling sensation after consumption, but also contained a property to cleanse the toxins from the body. It’s hard to pick a flavour when there are so many different flavoured drinks and herbal jellies to choose from. Spoilt for choice? Get both of these deliciously flavoured items so that you can consume them whenever you are craving for it!

Your groceries list would not be complete without adding soft drink goodness to your cart,

Shop with Walau and add this refreshing beverage in your shopping list. Browse our amazing selection of flavoured drinks and Malaysian soft drinks to keep you hydrated and fresh today.

Grocery shopping has never been so simple! Start shopping delicious flavours of drink at Walau Malaysia today and let the experience speak for itself. Let us transport your favourite flavoured drinks delivered right to your doorstep. Happy shopping!