Living in a hot country such as Malaysia really drive you to crave for a quenched-thirst drink. Not to mention that most variety of Malaysian drinks always seems tempting and spurs your bud taste. Served in hot or cold serving, both kinds are enjoyable and admired by most Malaysian with its local authentic taste. While most local Malaysia beverages are highly influenced by the diverse backgrounds and cultures, how cool it is when the beverage industry has creatively transformed these beverages into an instant drink. What's even more interesting is that the taste is always not disappointing and already mouthwatering even after the first sip.

A lot of Malaysia beverage brands are available here at Walau offering various selection such as instant tea, coffee, white coffee, fruit juices, milk, wine delivery ,soft drink and etc. Some Malaysia drink brands also featuring certain Malaysian signatures such as teh tarik, Ipoh White Coffee, which these are the 'must drink in Malaysia' types of beverages. All of these Malaysian authentic are promising in terms of its delicious taste, tempting aroma, and the refreshing feeling after drinking it. You might find some of these selection to become your all-time favourite, and may become your best companion during your relaxing moment.

Walau Malaysia also provides these beverages at several volumes, quantities, and type of packaging. You can find these beverages in tin packaging, bottle packaging, box packaging, and even in carton packaging. Our wish is to fulfil all customer demands since some people prefer a different type of beverage packaging.