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Bosisto was introduced by FGB Natural Products, the largest fully integrated producer and manufacturer of eucalyptus oil based products. Bosisto's'Parrot' Brand Eucalyptus Oil has been the trusted brand for eucalyptus essential oils since 1852. Famously used for coughs and colds, it is also a natural solvent, disinfectant, deodoriser, germ-killer, muscle rub and antiseptic with hundreds of natural uses around the home. FGB proudly sells Bossito's Eucalyptus in Australia, New Zealand and in all other overseas markets. Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil contains Eucalyptus polybractera (Blue Mallee), grown at Bosisto’s own plantations in rural Victoria. This species has a distinctive clean, fresh fragrance which is stronger and longer lasting than other eucalyptus oils, and is a premium quality pharmaceutical grade oil perfect for a variety of therapeutic, personal and household uses.

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