Lip Care

Keeping the moisturisation of our lips has become an important day-to-day care to ensure they stay healthy and comfortable, especially in Malaysia where our lips are prone to long-term sun exposure. Most people would tend to lick their dry lips instead of using lip care products; this is wrong in so many ways as it can dry them out even more and prompt to unhealthy lip conditions such as cracking and peeling. Worry not as this problem can be prevented by just using the correct lip treatment that suits your choice.

Best Lip Care Products in Malaysia

There are various lip care products available at Walau Malaysia ranging from natural to tinted lip balm that can result to healthy-looking lips. It is important to note that a lip care product usually consists of moisturising ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, carnauba wax or beeswax. You will be offered with wide selections such as medicated and flavoured balms, balms with essential oils, organic balms, lip tints, moisturising lipsticks, lip masks, and many more. You can also consider getting balm with SPF included to guard the lips from the sun.

The skin on our lips is nowhere near to the skin on our body. It is thin and can be very sensitive if it is not taken well care of. Our lips tend to get chapped easily because they do not have sebaceous gland, which can sweat out its own oil to keep it naturally moisturised. It is important to have a consistent lip care routine to boost the lips’ moisture. Getting the right lip treatment plays an essential role so that you can engage in your daily activities comfortably.